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Few Tips For Growing Strawberry

I and my wife have some plans for growing strawberry in our garden, but I heard some news that keeping it alive is needed some extra treatment. I checked the internet and talk to some local farmers and found it’s really true. The plant itself is pretty much easy to die because the root is failed in growing and establish the system. At the end, we finally able to grow it with some hard work and getting some help from my friends. I am going to share you few tips that I got from my friends and my experiment in few months. So here we are.

Plant it At The Right Time

This plant is pretty like many other common one where we could not easily grow it in any month and any season. The best time for growing its available in the fall around the January. This is probably the best time since the weather quite friendly and it would help the root grow faster. You just need to have some pots and its good for a starter.


Be aware of fungus attack because its really dangerous for it. They usually eat the berry and it would leave it to die shortly after the attack. Any affected one should be removed immediately and might spread the virus if you don’t do it fast. Any warm or cold weather is not that great, but the temperature around 80 degree is the best one. You could use some covers in order to prevent the heat and provide the enough sunlight for the plant.


It’s up to you on deciding to use or not too use it since there are so many natural things which are available to keep any virus. If you decide to use it, then don’t put it too much because I am afraid it breaks the natural taste of fruit. If you want to use some natural things, then there are lots of choices such as using cow feces as the natural pest.

It takes a long time for learning all of the things, but I am sure it will be really easy if you spend of your time on learning it. Many people prefer this fruit because the taste and price is quite expensive. It’s becoming our good selling and don’t have to wait a long time for harvesting it. you should try it and see the result.